Cash Back Mortgages

There are only a few banks which still allow the Cash-Back mortgages. These funds can no longer be used towards the down payment of a new purchase like they used to be able prior to housing crisis But, more so used to cover closing costs, payoff other obligations or liabilities, add a deck or fence to your new home, etc.. The cashback mortgage itself is typically not a true “incentive” as the lenders will charge you a slightly higher rate when opting for the cashback to recoup their costs.

High Ratio 5 Year Fixed + Rate Premium

Cash Back Options

1% > .40%
1.5% > .45%
2% > .70%
3% > 1%

Payout Repayment
Amount as % of Cash
Back Amount

  • 1st year from IAD 100%
  • 2nd year from IAD 80%
  • 3rd year from IAD 60%
  • 4th year from IAD 40%
  • 5th year from IAD 20%


  • Purchase High Ratio Only
  • Not available for down payment
  • Can be used to confirm closing costs

Payment Options

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly

Purchase Price

Maximum $999,9999

Loan Amount

  • Minimum $50,000
  • Maximum $924,999

Pre-payment Options

Up to 20% each year


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