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We can finance the purchase of a principal residence, second home, vacation home or family home with just 5% down payment under a high-ratio mortgage. If you’re interested in buying an investment property, we can finance this with 20% down payment which is considered a conventional mortgage.

Self Employed

MMG has some of the most creative options for self employed individuals looking for maximum financing. Most self-employed applicants claim little income on their personal income tax returns. This can mean that your maximum mortgage qualification is reduced. MMG has numerous options available for STATED INCOME qualifying. We can use your combined personal and business income for qualification; you can self-declare your own income, OR, show us 6-12 months of bank statements and we will use your total deposits and call it your income!

First Time Home Buyers

First time home buyer? We can help with a minimum of 5% down payment from savings, borrowed funds, gift from family or RRSPs. We are here to answer all your questions and provide as much information as possible on all of the mortgage intricacies and options. It’s not just about rate! It’s about the flexibility each mortgage can offer.

Acreage Financing

The major lenders will only lend up to 50% of the land’s market value. Luckily we have a few smaller lenders that will consider 75% land market value and this is predominantly in the urban city center locations, or small acreages close to the city limits. Alternatively, the down payment and lending value depends on the maximum amount of acres and vicinity of the land but we can consider up to 160 acres pending the zoning is country residential, agricultural or residential.

Financing Outbuildings

Whether it’s a residential shop, extra large garage or in-law suite we can help you finance the construction of a new outbuilding OR add the value of an existing outbuilding to your appraisal for a purchase or refinance. In the past, the value of outbuildings had to be excluded when purchasing residential properties“. Click here for more information.

Cash Back Mortgages

There are only a few banks which still allow the Cash-Back mortgages. These funds can no longer be used towards the down payment of a new purchase like they used to be able prior to housing crisis.

Vacation & Second Home

With lifestyle demands in a growing or busy family, a second home or vacation property for those weekend getaways can be very appealing and easy to approve. With as little as 5% down in some cases. This can not be confused with investment or income properties and these second homes if being purchased out of the city for a vacation property must have year round access.

Property Flip Mortgages

MMG Mortgages specializes in financing residential property flips and renovation projects for first time investors and full time real estate investor professionals. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to assist you in making educated and profitable real estate investment decisions.

The Property Flip Mortgage allows up to 80% of the after-renovated value, which means you can put as little as $10,000 down, and keep the rest of your capital to renovate and resell or refinance the property. We conduct our own same-day no-fee valuation to allow you to take advantage of quick closings.

  • The mortgage is fully open, without prepayment penalties.

  • The interest rate is 15.5% with monthly interest only payments.

  • Our lender will lend in 1st or 2nd position with the same terms.

  • Our lender will use your own lawyers to limit the legal costs.

  • Start to finish, our lenders can fund within 48 hours with limited documents required.

This product also works great for interim/bridge financing, renovations, or to solve other short-term problems before you sell or you refinance into a new first mortgage.

Commercial Lending

Call us at 403-869-7708 or email us at

Equity Based No Income Mortgages

If you are unable to prove income there is still an opportunity for you to own a home if you have either a large equity in your current home, a large net worth or investment portfolio, or a large down payment from conventional or non-conventional sources.

Private Lending & Secondary Financing

If your financing doesn’t fit into standard financing options, we have the vast knowledge of the private lending and ‘B Lending’ sector. This includes mortgages for investors looking to flip homes, Builder mortgages, sub division and development mortgages, challenged credit and second mortgages to pay off CCRA or outstanding debts. Call us today for your “out of the box” lending solutions.

Challenged Credit

Bruised Credit from a poor mistake or rocky credit from another time in your life? Don’t be discouraged! Even with all of the changing policies, we still have lenders who finance your new property or refinance a current mortgage. The interest rates may be reflective of your credit or strength of the application, but we can still secure some of the best rates on the market for these files.

CHIP Home Income Plan

No income? No Problem! Great financing solutions for Seniors or any borrower over the age of 55 with competitive rates, tax free cash and no monthly payments. Use your home equity without having the burden to repay the mortgage on a monthly basis or selling your home. Contact us today to inquire on the amount of equity you can access under the Home Equity Reverse Mortgage Plan.


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